Supplying growers for over 75 years

Burder Ag Equipment

Burder Ag attachments is one of Australia's largest Front End Loader Manufacturers and without a doubt the most diverse. They manufacture locally produced equipment as a family-owned and managed business.

Burder was founded in 1991 with a staff of five people and has since grown to a team of more than 60 professionals. From modest origins and a restricted product range, Burder has been actively involved in the design and development of new agricultural goods.

Burder has the capacity to customize, design, and deliver equipment at a reasonable price in the shortest feasible time, with over 2000 subframe patterns and the ability to produce loaders, forklifts, and attachments for tractors just released on the market today or any other suitable host tractor.

Burder's objective is to become a top supplier of materials handling equipment and farm mechanisation products that satisfy or exceed the needs of end users across Australia.

Burder has been in operation for 25 years, demonstrating the organization's commitment to fulfilling the demands of Australian farmers and producers.